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Curent deck (40):

revyStalker Deckbuilder

1x Moonstalker

4x Pack Wolf
4x Molten Destroyer
3x Shadow Knight
3x Death Mage Thaddeus
4x Bad Wolf
(18x Allies)

3x Captured Prey
2x Ley Line Nexus
3x Bad Santa
4x Shadow Font
3x Shriek of Vengeance
3x Full Moon
(18x Abilities)

3x Wrath of the Forest
(3x Items)

I prefere Bad Wolf over Infernal Gargoyle, for taking out Puwen or Pack Wolf on one hit. Molten destroyer over plasma benemoth, coz he kills 4 health allys easily. Highly influenced by the TJ Aces build. I think mine is easier to play, but weaker.

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