Shallow Era

Steel Reign [1.503]

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Current Deck (44):

1 x Amber Rain

(0 allies)

4 x Smashing Blow
2 x Enrage
4 x Crippling Blow
4 x Retreat
4 x Special Delivery
4 x Shrine of Negatia
3 x Rain Delay
4 x Bad Santa
(29 items)

4 x Bazaar
3 x Reserve Weapon
4 x Jeweler's Dream
3 x Rusty Longsword
(14 items)

After finding uses for Shrine of Negatia this is another deck I've been testing in this series to show how useful it can be. There is no Rampage in this deck in order to focus entirely on attacking the hero which is complimented by the Rain delay returning strategy, Crippling, and Retreat + Bad Santa combo's for draw.

A play list of demonstrations are below.

Vs Jericho Spellbane:

Vs Gravebone:

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