Shallow Era

Master of Battlements [1.503]

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Current Deck (40):

1 x Eladwen Frostmire

2 x Dirk
2 x Lily
3 x Puwen
4 x Raven
2 x Aldon
4 x Priest of The Light
2 x Aeon
(19 allies)

4 x Portal
3 x Shrine of Negatia
2 x Poor Quality
3 x Honored Dead
2 x Sever Ties
2 x Ley Line Nexus
(16 abilities)

4 x Tome of Knowledge
(4 x items)

I've just started testing the deck so I'll update with changes and strategies, but basically Tomb should be summoned and used T4 and all after if possible. Against Item destruction decks Lily can return, otherwise resource. Ideally Eladwen can control the board to enable Portal to be used the same turn as the first ally hastened, and returned after the last ally on the third turn with Shrine if another is not drawn before.

Video Playlist:

Below is a match turning the tide against a Lance with Portal:

Vs Darkclaw

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