Shadow Era SOS: Why We Need Muligans!

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I know in the past on the SE forums that "mulligans" have been a heated discussions with many players wanting some sort of a mulligan system and others do not, it's safe to say that it's a 50/50 split. In my opinion we need to have a set mulligan system that can be easy to understand, not add any down time to either a game or a match and that can be used in both online play, and in the physical game once it's released officially.
My number 1 reason why we need a mulligan system is simple. Matches in tournaments either small and or in World Championships shouldn't be decided before the first cards are sacrificed. In a recent guild only tournament I used a Portal Majiya deck and was up against a Lance deck. In game 1 my opening hand was as follows, 4 fireballs, 2 Lightning Strikes. 1 Brutal Minotaur and I went 1st so Minotaur was my draw card. Now this sucks and can happen in any and all TCG style games but not having a option to start with a different hand is just crazy. I say that cause it doesn't matter on skill level, no matter how good you are you will not recover from this and as it happen my opponent with the lance deck had nearly a perfect starting hand. This will kill competitive play since most players will hate that lower skilled players will get match wins outlet based on starting hands with zero options to start with a hand that could at the very least make a match fair.
To fix this we need the MTG mulligan system. For those who don't know it, here's how it works. Each time a player takes a mulligan they start with 1 less card then they did before they took a mulligan. The reason this is, is to keep players from taking mulligan after mulligan looking for a "perfect" starting hand and slowing the game down. This can be used in SE as well and has to be like this. TCG are fun cause you can win not just on talent but with a tiny bit of luck as well. Not having a mulligan system brings the winning on luck from tiny to huge. That's just wrong. I'm more then happy to pay a card for a better start hand to improve my chances instead of having zero options and zero chances to win before my opponent has even sac his first card. Having free mulligans or only allowing a limited number of mulligans will slow the game down. Everyone will take a mulligans more times then not in hopes of getting a perfect hand and that just shouldn't happen and there should be a risk in taking a mulligan vs having zero risk and taking out even more strategy out of the game. Having a system like this will separate the good players from the better players, since the better players would know what to look for in determing what hand to keep or mulligan. Thanks and hope you'll all enjoy!

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  1. Monomax's Avatar
    In Magic, you canmhave more then 7 card in hand. Mulliganing like this will give to much advantage to bad santa player.
  2. Cyph3rX83's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Monomax
    In Magic, you canmhave more then 7 card in hand. Mulliganing like this will give to much advantage to bad santa player.
    That is right but, I was pointing out that not having a system at all leaves games and tournament matches up to chance more then the better player/strategy. Also we don't web need to have the "magic" system either. I think a great system could instead of drawing 1 less card you could have the players who take a mulligan dont earn shadow energy 1 extra turn longer or how many mulligans they took. So let's say if I took 2 mulligans and have Majiya and I still go first, then I would get my shadow energy needed for her ability untill turn 5. With first 2 turns not earning any then turns 3-5 turns I would earn the regular 1 shadow energy per turn. That way there's still a price to pay for taking mulligan, cause I know alot on the forums want free mulligans which isn't fair an it just adds time to games/matches. Thanks for the reply and readingy blog!
  3. rhonsus's Avatar
    I can see where this would be an excellent system. As for how it would be done, I honestly can't help ya there.
  4. Cyph3rX83's Avatar
    To be honest I really didn't even think about how this system could work. I guess that could be my next blog I guess one way it could work is this;

    At the start of the match the player who goes first will have a window that says would you like a Mulligan and draw a new 6 card hand, after he/she picks then player 2 will pick but won't know what player 1 picked. After they pick either player that chooses to take a mulligan will have another window that tells them that they won't earn shadow energy untill turn #, and that number will equal the amount of mulligans they took. Then the match would start as normal. Give each player 10 seconds to decided on mulligan or not should be plenty of time. They could always test it on the digital game with the PFG and or online servers plus can tweak it here and there before making it an official rule for both physical game and digital game.