Shallow Era

Shadow Ambush [1.503]

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Current Deck (40):

1 x Lance Shadowstlaker

3 x Jasmine
2 x Lily
3 x Puwen
3 x Raven
2 x Aldon
2 x Earthen Protector
2 x Aeon
2 x Nightshade
(19 allies)

3 x Assassination
3 x Stop Thief!
4 x Retreat
(10 abilities)

4 x Ill-Gotten Gains
2 x Spelleater Bands
4 x Anklebreaker
(10 items)

I don't use Lance much, so there are probably better from others that use him as their main, however being so strong in this meta the deck is very effective.

There are allies for every match up. The most important part of this deck (perhaps any Lance is to not waste cards when resources. IGG can be vital to win and is your only draw card, so if able you can sit on 3 resources waiting for it summoning 3cc allies with even Ravens in hand.

With 10 items two Lily can be very helpful, especially against mages for Spelleater Bands (be careful not to bury these beneath Anklebreakers), and for IGG against Heroes with 4cc or less item destruction.

Retreat is probably the most universally used with Lance (with the draw of IGG) you can effectively use these to recycle your own allies and even haste them where needed. Great for Lily, a low HP Aeon, or disabled Raven.

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