Shallow Era

Ghostbusters [1.503]

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Current Deck (40):

1 x Jericho

4 x Jasmine
4 x Puwen
1 x Aldon
2 x Tainted Oracle
4 x Earthen Protector
3 x Aeon
(18 allies)

4 x Healing Touch
2 x Tidal Wave
3 x Focused Prayer
4 x Smite
3 x Retreat
(16 abilities)

2 x The King's Pride
4 x Wizent's Staff
3 x Ghostmaker
(9 items)

A Zhannax type build focusing on the Ghostmaker combos with TO, EP, and Aeon.

The deck is still in the tuning phase and at 44 cards for that reason. Likely changes will be more Tidal Wave, less Smite and/or Healing Touch. Also more/less Aldon as the reason for only a single copy is Ghostmaker. Without Zhanna's healing ability Healing Touch is very important for this strategy as it requires tanking some damage to set up, and it's status removal ability is very key for gaining advantage (especially when your Wizent's Staff can keep you far from 4 SE. It can also make a ghost useful again if you cannot connect your key combos with Ghostmaker, retreat can also be used similarly in viable situations on a 1HP ghost.

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