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Bad 'ass' uruu [1.503]

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This is the most winnable deck I have been able to construct with this Hero so far. That being said it is still very tough to win and most T1 Heroes are a bad match-up.

Current deck (40):

1 x Baduruu

4 x Infernal Gargoyle
3 x Bad Wolf
(7 allies)

3 x Aimed Shot
4 x Poison Arrow
4 x Here Be Monsters
4 x Shriek of Vengeance
4 x Evil Ascendant
2 x Sever Ties
(21 abilities)

2 x Battle Plans
4 x Cobraskin Wraps
2 x Soul Seeker
3 x Guardian's Oath
(11 items)

Every Hero can go down without being hit by an ally once with this build so try and get Guardian's Oath out before Soul Seeker and just slug away at the Hero while keeping resources as low as you can. Without getting early weapon damage on Hero you can look like you are going strong, and ultimately lose because your weapons were buried to far down your deck.

Playing first gives the best chance meaning you can T3 Evil Ascendant without having to Here Be Monsters first to gain the resource lead or allowing them to get to 4 resources and having to tank more weenie damage.

Given you need to keep your opponent below 5 resources (some Heroes like Rogues below 4) for more than half your deck there are several cards that I can't seem to make room for, such as; Acid Jet; Death Mage Thaddeus; any other armour; Tracking Gear; Shadowspawn; Rapid Fire, etc. Not because of the other essential cards used, but by summoning them it allows your opponent to gain a dangerous resource pool size.

Hold every Shriek Vs Heroes known for their 4-cc draw engines, mostly Bazaar, Research, and Wizent's Staff, not so much needed to keep every copy Vs Rogues because they will have to resource some IGG if you can keep them below 4cc long enough. Stop Theif! is far more problematic.

Always sit on what ever resources you need and never go above 4/5 unless you can drop two late game 3cc allies or abilities in one turn to clinch a win and you have already drawn and used the majority of your deck destruction card pool. You need to wait out your deck destruction cards as long as you still have any left and never resource them. If you have to resource them to prevent card block because you did not draw Shriek early enough you may already be doomed.

Battle Plans is only minimally effective and can be subbed for more Bad Wolf, Aimed Shot, Sever Ties, and Poison Arrow. The preview ability is more useful than the 1cc ability and you should never resource just to be able to use it. Every card is precious.

Aimed Shot is resourced early as you lose momentum trying to get this on early weapons instead of keeping up your deck destruction + draw. Similar with Poison Arrow, although this is better to keep at least one of rather than allies because you may need it to stall for another card whilst an ally can go down in one turn without achieving anything.

Sever Ties can be resourced in non Warrior/Hunter/Wulven match-ups. Vs Warriors the first is for their first Blood Frenzy and the second is for either there next one, or Enrage to finish them off. If they have Blood Frenzy and Enrage, calculate how many turns you have to kill them before deciding whether to remove BF, as if they still have high HP it is usually easier to shoot them to death when they do not have draw rather than having to wait till they hit 10HP Given they could have a 3cc weapon destruction card at any moment.

I've added a play list of demonstration matches.

Vs Zaladar:

Vs Jericho:

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