Cyph3rX83's Deck Builder 101-"A must read for Newer Players!"

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Over the next couple weeks I'm going to write a guide to help our newer players to the community. I try to cover things from the basics to advance strategies. Even veteran players could learn from this as well and get ideas that they might not of thought about.
Part 1:"Creating a Theme" What this means is before you pick out the first card in your deck you should decided first what the theme of your deck is going to be built around. Some players call this an engine, but this isn't quite like that. As an example when I first started playing I really like Boris. Now at the time I hadent played much online and didn't have the gold to buy the good weapons/armor so my theme was "overrun". In a "overrun" type deck the main objective is to flood the board with as many ally's early and often to get my opponents to use their burn spells if the were mages and force them to deal with my ally's in some other way, and most of the time you could get them to miss play. I see newer players build decks with cards that may look and or sound cool or even someone use a card against them and think they should be using that same card. Of course they didn't have a main objective and lose plenty of matches and get frustrated or just quit altogether. I believe that a deck with a pre-determined theme or objective is better suited for our newer players. This keeps things simple and not overload rookies with to much information and expect them to fully understand how a deck should run. My overrun decks would focus on good cheap ally's like bloodheim, Blake windrunner and dirk saber. Now I did save up and bought rusty Longsword which is a great "entry level" weapon that many opponents not expecting it to be played very often. I remember when I first started playing and just tried to use brute force to win and believe me when I say I failed...Epicly! Then when I went to my magic roots and really sat down to build a deck that could still be competitive so I could earn higher level for shadow crystals and gold for better cards. After a week or two of hard work I started building my collection of cards up and before I knew it and had a pretty solid deck with the limited cards I had. Most players have to learn the hard way that shadow era isn't like other TCG's, it's really a game built around speed,tempo and rewards creative deck builders. Just because you have 4 copies of a 200 gold costing card doesn't mean you now how to use them and more importanly when to use them.
In closing creating a theme can be very useful when learning the game. Like most this you have to be willing to adapt to your surroundings and may have to change up a bit, youll know when you new a change so don't worry. Meta games in quick game is maybe impossible to predict, even for the most experianced players but having a gameplan on building your deck and staying with the gameplan during your matches is your best bet. I found if you over analyze things that's were you make miss play and lose the oppertunity to win. So remember to k.I.s.s no not your mother or girlfriend, I mean that old saying "keep it simple stupid" and you'll be fine. I hope this first part of many will you guys out there and don't be shy, post help on card and deck threads or PM me or another tournament player and we'd be happy to help, cause if everyone gets better then the game gets that more fun!

In my next blog I'll explain the importance on mana curve and also give a crash course in mana curve theroy. So untill next time Happy Killing!!!

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