What Are The Best Cards?

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With the update being out for almost 3 full weeks now I had a couple of cards on my mind and just couldn't stop thinking about them and decided to write about em and get em out of my system and I know my Boss would lime that so he doesn't have to hear me and my friends debating what cards are just plain awesome and have me get some work done finally LOL.
The first card I just absolutely love is Priest of the light. Being an avid magic player I've been used to cards that give you life gain oppertuintys. That's just isn't the only reason why I love this card is the draining of shadow energy is a big hit for me. Now your not gunna play this card and expect to stop the other hero from basing you face in at some point in the game but it does buy you time to bash your opponent instead. With priest being a 3/3 does make your opponent to change his game plan if you have Aldon on the board and or multiple priest along with him so right there is why this card is a "Beast". Things I look for in card when I try to determine it's play potential is 1st its casting cost, 2nd it's power/toughness, 3rd is it's ability, I give this card a 3 out of 3 easy.
Another great card is Ley line nexus. I remember a time not so long ago where it was hard to play with a Mage and have something you could count on to remove weapons/armor that cost over 5. Also this is a beast for the card draw advantage and for mid to late game I would except to see this card being played in World championships and in most if not all other tournament/league games. I think some players mostly rookies and noobs to the game or sport of TCGs under value card advantage and card draws. Now I'm not sayin this card should be a 4 drop in every deck but I'd bet in top tier decks (atleast most of them) will have 2 and maybe 3 in thier decks to say the least.
One other card I like alot and not sure yet if it's a contender or pretender is Leigon United. I've been playing with warriors more since I posted that I would play her in my Grand Prix tournament and think this card is solid answer for mages who still in my book are the best class in the game. For mid and late game you pop one of these out when your in a battle for board control is huge. I have a Jasmine at 4 and ohh look firball only does two now Opps lol, again noone would run 4 of these unless your in a tournament match and it game 2 or 3 and know that you could benefit greatly by using four of them but for most casual players running 2 maybe 3 is a good bet.
Hope you guys like this review of some cards some of you either hate going against or who are like me who loves the elegance of these cards and see big opportunity for them. Untill my next blog, have fun good luck and "Never give up on a game, no matter how bleek it looks" you never know what mistakes your opponents might make.

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  1. Bluejet24's Avatar
    cool blog.. I cant seems to like PotL... I still prefer Jasmine.. but, that's just me
  2. Cyph3rX83's Avatar
    Yea I should of mentioned that I was really talking about the newer cards from the update, but thanks for the message