Until PvP comes out...

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I have an idea! One person would PM another person requesting a match. If the other person accepts, this is how the match would work. Each card would be given a value between 1 and 60. Using the site, you would generate 7 random numbers between 1 and 60. With these values, you would find the cards with the same numbers and put them into your hand. Each turn, you would do the same thing to draw a card, and then list your plays in text. Put each card's health and attack and skills with the card, and re-put the health for every time the card is attacked. You have to list all your plays, though!

I don't know, just a little PvP before the actual PvP is released...comment/PM me if you want to play or think this is a good/bad idea!

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  1. Narziss's Avatar
    haha...I can tell you're quite excited to am I!
  2. kaboom132's Avatar
    Yes I am But mostly, this would so you can have a MUCH smarter opponent.
  3. iVaro's Avatar
    Really nice idea