"The Deity Project"- Work in progress

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For weeks I've been thinking of a strange/random idea for Shadow Era and this idea of deities came to mind. This is something just to put out there.
I would be happy if it gets implemented if not, thats ok, just wanted to put this out there.

Background- As the heroes waged their ongoing battle, the gods saw through the hearts of the heroes. Emptiness they saw. The battles waged would gain nothing for heroes.
With that the gods descended upon them, willing to give them power...only for a price. Love and favor, that is what the gods desired from them.
Quickly the heroes of human and shadow gave in, what power they gained and what sacrifices they made.

How the mechanic works: For those who don't use Shadow Energy much this is for you. To call a Deity you spend however much Shadow Energy to call them. The deity then
"Replaces" your hero for the set number of turns as the same number of Shadow Energy dumped into casting them. Since Ddities will be powerful but balanced they will
not stay on the field entirely. THey are meant to be a quick way to turn the tides of a duel or to gain more of an upper hand.

Player 1: Jericho at 15 health with 7 SE, and 6 resources, 2 allies in play.
Player 2: Banebow at 21 health with 4 SE, and 8 resources, 4 allies in play.

Let's say that Player 1 decides to cast a deity. He sacrifices 3 Shadow Energy, and Jericho is then "replaced" by a deity in the hero slot.
With the deity on the field, the player has 3 turns until the deity is dismissed from the field. When a deity is on the field the health remains the same.
A player can activate deity abilites on the same turn they summon a deity.

Deity effects are all about the collective. Buffing and or debuffing all allies.

Alright to the good stuff! These are merely ideas in the works for deities. Note these may sound broken and or OP and for that they're works in progress.

Cantor Vita- Human Deity
3 SE- Target enemy ally, all other allies have minus attack and health of selected enemy ally.
Flavor Text- "Weaken the queen, Eliminate the hive"

Cantrix Mortis- Shadow Deity
3 SE- Target enemy ally, all friendly allies gain plus attack and health of selected enemy ally.
Flavor Text- "As their light grows, our shadows grow stronger"

Niltor of the Dragonborn- Human Deity
4 SE- Friendly allies gain 2 health and attack for each enemy ally in play and gain ambush.
Flavor Text- "If you wish to fly, I will grant you wings."

Karagu, name stripper- Shadow Deity
3 SE- Destroy target allies of the same name.
Flavor Text- "I really hate clones, such an eyesore"

Bastia, Voice of the Call- Human Deity
For every 2 damage done to Bastia, Voice of the Call, revive 1 ally at random from either player.
Flavor Text- "Even if I have to call upon hell itself, I will see to your end!"

Ruination- Shadow Deity
6 SE- Destroy all allies on the field and deal damage to target hero or deity equal to the number of allies destroyed this way.
Flavor Text- "Let's restart the world, shall we?"

Root of the Silent- Neutral Deity
5 SE- All items and abilites are destroyed. Neither player can cast spells,allies, and attack for 4 turns.
Flavor Text- "We walked with ghosts in the still waters."

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