heavy-ally dc deck 1.5

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first let me thank the people who commented on my help page which eventually let me make this deck!

3xplasma behemoth
3xbad wolf
3xwulven tracker
4xpack wolf

3xcaptured prey
3x now your mine
3xspeed strike
3xfull moon
2xshadow font
2xbad santa
2xley line nexus

weapons and armor
4xwhat big teeth
2x jewelers dream
2x wrath of the forest

total cards

individual cards
i like dc better than moonstalker because his ability lets me get rid of allies instead of just hiding

plasma behemoth
great end heavy hitter for wulven, plasma bolt helps for 4hp allies without using dc's ability

bad wolf
hits harder than gargoyle, has regeneration which is similar to gargoyle

wulven tracker
great card draw or even meat shield. never use this ally alone, it just gets killed

pack wolf
imo best 2cc ally, if you can get multiple up they are still good late game, though less survivability

captured prey
works great with any fattie, mainly raven and plasma behemoth

now your mine
great for early board control, sacrifice it later

speed strike
are there any wulven decks without this? i did try to make this deck so it wasnt totally reliant on this card

again are there any wulvens without it? great, simple card

full moon
since this deck is ally heavy, this does more than just no damage on hero. great for getting rid of fatties

shadow font
great for dc ability, because his is 3spc. its normally there when you need it

basic card draw. if your opponent lays it, sacrifice these

bad santa
again basic card draw

ley line nexus
kings pride, snow sapphire, and card draw

what big teeth
another card no wulven doesnt have. just overall a great weapon

jewelers dream
great if you need a few more cards but not quite enough resources

wrath of the forest
since this deck is ally based, this card works great for card draw

full moon with pack alpha
now before all of you start saying this card is useless, i used this card in my first deck, and it did work. it can make a pack wolf a huge target, protecting other cards, and, if its destroyed, get your allies extra health. if they dont get rid of it, you have a walking tank.

jewelers dream with fangs of the predator
aside from having more attack, this card also help with wulven, and , as you see, i like the wulven allies. i may switch it anyway, because i never really seem to need the extra resources.

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