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Shadow Stalker [1.503]

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Considering how strong rogues are now I have created this hidden MS deck as a direct counter that also functions against other heroes. If you are getting frustrated with battling through the masses of Rogues that are sure to come replacing the gauntlet of Eladwen in early ranks, this deck is for you.

Current Deck (44):

1 x Moonstalker

(0 Allies)

3 x Captured Prey
2 x Speedstrike
4 x What Big Teeth
3 x Regeneration
3 x Rabid Bite
4 x Lone Wolf
3 x Shadow Font
3 x Rain Delay
4 x Master Smith
(29 Abilities)

4 x Evil Ascendant
4 x Bazaar
3 x Shadow Armour
3 x Crescendo
(14 Items)

I was only starting to refine it on the test server before it went live so I will post changes/updates here as the game evolves now it is live if I stick with it for any length of time.

Demonstration play list below.

Vs Majiya:

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Updated 06-04-2012 at 09:39 AM by Keaven (Adding videos)

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  1. Keaven's Avatar
    Shrunk deck.
  2. Keaven's Avatar
    Updated OP with Demonstration play list and videos.