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In response, here's a short list of my favorites in no particular order, as well as another question for the forum:

Belladonna - Art & Concept: She's the Goth lady. If that's not reason enough to like her; She's wearing something that looks like pretty flimsy armor and, judging by the look on her face, that fact is not lost on her. She may be going down but, if she gets the chance, she's gonna get downright vengeful on your Hero.

Smashinng Blow - Art: All I'm going to say about this card is: under what circumstances does a woman in a string bikini find herself facing off with a soldier in full knight's armor?? I'd LOL, but it's not so funny when Amber destroys my mage's armor and hits me with some damn sword or axe with unreasonably buffed damage.

Jasmine Rosecult - Art, Concept & Use: Agreeing with the forum on this one; Jasmine is one awesome card. She's got a CC of only 3, but her ability to keep allies from attacking is handy (and frustrating). Her art is sexy, and her last name - Rose-cult - lends itself to the impression that if you don't kill her, she may Stalk You For Life.

Bad Santa - Art & Use: I didn't list Concept as a feature that sells me on this card because... is there one? It's a werewolf in Santa Claus attire that looks unnervingly happy that it's finally Christmas Eve. Anyway, this creepy bastard can turn the game around.

Chimera - Art: Most of the cards in this game have cool art, but among the Shadow cards, this is probably the only one that stands out as downright scary. If I see this bastard, I'mma kill it -- With Fire!

Dimension Ripper - Use: Now, I've never actually used this card myself -- but I have encountered it in battle and I agree with Ulnarian -- This card definitely makes things more fun.

Mind Control - Art: I like the concept of the Elementals and their cards in general, but the clawed hand manipulating an ally like a marionette is pretty cool indeed!

Voice of Winter - Use: If you're playing an ally-based strategy, you're in trouble when I cast this (as Nishaven). Not to mention, it lets me whack away at your armor until I have some ally cards. I give you that final whack, breaking the weapon and casting three Jasmines while your allies are still frozen.

Moonstalker - Art: Who doesn't love Moonstalker? -- He's the quadrupedal Wulven Hero!

Shadowspawn - Art: I agree with Montag451 on this one; This is a card with extremely badass art!

Transference - Art & Concept: Another cool elaboration by the designers on the Elementals' concept. "Yeah, I'll reach across the lake to steal your card. And while I'm there, I'mma slap you!"

So those are my ten cards, but my question has to do with Ertai88's post about Baduruu. First of all, You Sold Me, Man -- I'm starting a Baduruu deck ASAP. But my question is:

Baduruu is a female???

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