Beta Has Started!

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Hello everyone, and today, you've probably noticed that the browser based version of the beta has begun. If you didn't know, then check your mail boxes (that includes spam box) for an email from Kyle giving details on the URL to use along with your username and password.
For the moment the game is only offline play where you play against the AI. You use the Mage hero while the AI uses the Shadow Elf Mage Hero. I've played a couple rounds already, and I'm really enjoying it. The AI is somewhat dumb at points because it uses damaging spells on it's hero and allies, and also uses spells that freeze a creature on it's own allies. At the moment, ally and hero abilities are unable to be used, so you'll have to wait to use them. What do you think of the game so far? Are there any confusing parts or parts you think more clarification? Do you like the Mage class so far?
Thanks for reading and I hope to see your impressions and thoughts on the game. Good bye until next time!

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  1. NahItsK's Avatar
    The mage is awesome. I might use this hero just so i can use the card "Portal".