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My Zaladar Deck - Mega Rush

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My 230 Zaladar Deck - "Mega-rush"

Edit: This blog post is similar to my post on the forum but editted to provide a clearer picture. The forum postings tracks the development and growth of the deck.

Just wanted to share my deck with others. I would encourage everyone to build one and tell me your feedback/tweaks. It's a fun deck and IMO, the only way to play Zaladar competitively in 1.26.

This deck is also written for me to discuss other aspects of the game. (Card Advantage, Recovery from going second, Card draw mechanics, hero selection, etc) (More on that later).

EDIT: This deck has undergone some significant changes due to helpful contributions from Godorian and others!

Check out the changes according to date.

Revised Deck

1 x Zaladar

4 x Keldor
3 x Infernal Gargoyle
4 x Plasma Behemoths
3 x Chimera
3 x Medusil
4 x Mind Control
4 x Shriek
2 x Life Infusion
2 x Soul Reaper

Total: 30.

12th July 2011

REMOVE 4 Dimension Rippers, replaced with Life Infusions. REPLACE 1 Keldor with 1 Gargoyle. Verdict: Works well.

13th July 2011

REMOVE 4 Dimension Rippers, replaced with 2 Life Infusions and 2 Armor of Ages. REPLACE 1 Keldor with 1 Gargoyle. Verdict: Does not work out for me. 2 Infusions and 2 Soul Reapers preferred

13th July 2011

Check out the deck and its win-loss record.

First things first, build the deck and try it out - it's devilishly effective.

Most cards in deck can inflict damage except for Shriek/Life infusion/Soul Reaper.

I will explain why certain cards are selected and why other cards are omitted. (Where is Armor of Ages ?!) (No card draw spells like Bad Santa or Bazaar?) (No Eternal renewal?!)


Board control - 2 words. When playing for this deck, you will want to control all aspects of the game as much as possible. You'll want to kill off all of your opponents' allies, while having a few on your side to deal damage.

Shrieks are used on crucial items such as cards that allow your opponent to draw more cards. (Research, Wizient Staff, on some occasions, Bazaar). In the late game, Shrieks can also be used on opponents' weapons and armor. (Amour of Ages, Snow Sapphire)

The deck has no card draw engines or spells hence you will need to restrict the number of cards your opponent can draw.

The deck has a feature that I always put in my decks. The ability to deal damage in multiple ways. For example, Mages (human and shadow) can deal damage through burn spells and allies. Hunters/Warriors can deal damage through weapons and allies.

My Zaladar "Mega-rush" can deal damage through 2 ways. Allies (lots of those!), and direct damage (Plasma Behemoths and Zaladar ability).

Key Strategy: Patience and Board presence.

When faced with a choice of eliminating opponents allies/removing threats or dealing damage, always (ok, almost always...) destroy the threats first.

For this reason, the deck has Plasma Behemoths, Keldor (who can kill of 4 Life enemy allies) and Chimera (who can deal a nasty 5 damage when pumped up) (5 damage can kill of enemy Plasmas and Gargoyles). And of cos, Zaladar's hero ability.

Turn 3! Mega-headache!?

At turn 3, there are many allies to summon. Which is the right choice? The advanced players should have no problems. For the new players, as a general guideline:

Vs Majiya: Gargoyle
Vs Any opponent who already has a 4 life ally in play: Keldor (Keldor's pump-up can kill them off in turn 4.)

- exception: vs a possible scenario of Blake + Aldon combo. If you feel that the Keldor is going to be killed by the Blake/Aldon combo, obviously do not summon Keldor in turn 3, summon Gargoyle instead.

Going to cast a Chimera in turn 4? Resource Keldor and cast Gargoyle or Medusil

Hence, knowing which ally or card to resource in turn 1 and 2 is somewhat important - but all it takes is just some games to figure it out and learn. You will be sacrificing some allies in turn 1 and 2.


NEVER EVER sacrifice the Shrieks! (unless you have 3 in your opening hand) They are only 4 in the deck and you'll need them later. Hold them in your hand to be used later.

Card selections (Why these cards make the deck and others don't)

Multiple Choices at Turn 3 creates a lot of flexibility. Where are the Fire Snake/Brutalis and Sparks?!

IMO, too weak and virtually useless at mid-game and late game. I only want to draw effective cards in the mid to late game.

4 Plasmas?! Where is Life Infusion?!

Yes, they are the darlings of the deck.

Basically, when building this deck, I wanted to put in cards that are productive (deals damage) and not re-active (Armor of Ages, Eternal Renewal, Life Infusion)

OK, Enough input from me. More later!

Ask me questions, build and play with it. I want to hear from you!

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