Regeneration Prevails!

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The issue whether it is confusing as to who is actually being healed. Respectfully, I didn't think the original card left any ambiguity. However, I can accept that someone will be thrown off by it. I'm almost tempted to suggest that the appropriate verb should be regenerate, instead of healing. That is, that 'regenerate' be the term for self-healing; whereas 'healing' refers to another creature (hero or ally) in the game.

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Sooooo..... "Bad Wolf regenerates 1 health at the start of your turn" .... ???

I think a better example to illustrate the problem would be "Priest heals 1 damage each turn". Ahhhh, now it's not clear whose damage is being healed, right? Because you instinctively know that priests can heal other units.

Maybe for each card we can have a vote for the best wording

Yay.. after all that arguing something worthwhile comes out of it. :/

I can't help it. I'm still irritated. That was a completely unnecessary way to spend a Saturday. You know I really understood the problem. There just had to be a better solution, and I'm just disappointed that I had to come off as "grammar nazi" in order to get the best possible reading for the card.

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