Engulfing Flames

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My first blog will be about Engulfing flames. I'd really like to valuate the card but without having played the game that is a little difficult out of context, so I'll break down what we do know about the card and the game so far.

Cost: 4
"Target is set on fire and loses 1 health per turn"

From experience with other card games, the cost of 4 at first seems a little high. But breaking it down I think there is a little more to it than meets the eye. On with my understanding of the card:

1) This is an ability, you play it once and it adds an effect that the programing takes care of every turn. It is not Ongoing so it can not be destroyed by effects that target ongoing abilities.

2) "Target is set on fire": It doesn't define what it can target, whether it be Hero, Ally, an item, Armor, a weapon but in context it is causing health loss, so wihout being able to play the card and see what targets highlight, I'll assume it can only target Heroes and Allies. This gives you nice options while you would probably prefer to target your opponent's Hero, you can still use it to slowly take out an Ally if needed.

3) "Loses 1 health": This is not damage. It cannot be healed and it cannot be prevented unless the effect is removed. It also permanate, not just for the turn. I'm assuming the printed Health of a card is reduced every turn by the programing. You can only heal a card up to its maximum Health so the effect is much more powerful than damage. Also, if there are Allies that cannot be dealt damage or can prevent damage, this card gets around that.

4) "per turn": I get a turn and my opponent gets a turn, so with the information I have from the text this cause health loss on each of our turns. This is twice as good as just during my or my opponent's turn. There isn't mention of group games in the FAQ (There is a question about cross platform multiplayer, but the answer only deals with the cross-platform part of the question) but if there are, the power of this card goes up by one for each player in a group game.

Questions and concerns about the card.

1) It doesn't say what types of card it can target, but in context to the rest of the card, it's not a deal breaker and doesn't really need to be added. Also the programing will make it obvious what cards can be targeted. Although, it would help new players recognize the options right away without having to play the card to find out.

2) Kyle said in the forums there will be ways to clear effects on cards to get away from the need for this to be an Ongoing card. How these will work will is still unknown. I'd assume effects are represented by little animations. If a card removes 1 effect, you can choose the one you want to remove by highlighting it. That would be nice if you have a positive effect you want to keep and a negative one you want to remove. If it sweeps all effects on a card, I guess you don't get to choose.

3) I don't know when during the turn the health is lost. At the beginning? at the end? I'll find out during game play, but by then it may be too late if I only have 1 health left. Am I going to die at the end of his turn or the beginning of mine?

4) Is it really each turn? I don't know, Bad Wolf didn't say either, but now it does

So what do you think? Will this card find a spot in your deck?

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  1. Paradox's Avatar
    The only comment I would make regarding targeting is that the target has to, at the very least, have a health score. I can't recall any equipment cards being previewed thus far.. so I would question whether they have health scores or not. I honestly don't know.

    Nevertheless I think that will go some length towards identifying potential targets. Beyond that, the software should make it even more clear, as you said.

    Nice catch on the differentiation between health and damage. However the possibility also exists that the terms health and damage have been used interchangeably, in which case Kyle will have to consolidate those terms. On the flip side, you may have just invented a powerful new type of attack.

    The definition of whose turn really does need to be clarified.
  2. Mahasuke's Avatar
    1) Wouldn't the fact that the target is losing 1 health per turn make it an "ongoing effect"?

    2) I believe the target would have to be someone that could lose health so either a hero or ally.

    3) I can't say at this time if losing health is considered damage or not.

    4) The per turn portion definitely needs clarification. It could be per the caster's turn or like you said each turn (which makes more sense since you can't stack the same card on the same target).
  3. kirkwb's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments Paradox and Mahasuke!

    1) This I'm pretty sure is a no as Ongoing cards have the keyword, "Ongoing," like the card Enrage. Kyle has stated that Engulfing Flames will set the target on fire and a cool particle effect will appear on the target as the reminder. So Engulfing flames does not need to stay in play as an ongoing card. This will be one of the things regular TCG players will have to get used to.

    2) I agree and said as much But I also think it's good to be a little more clear in the text so new players will understand the card before deciding to play it in their deck.

    3) Agreed, it's not not clear, but reading the literal text it says, "...loses 1 health per turn," where another card like Supernova says, "...takes 5 damage." So I have to believe they are in fact different. If they are not different than common game terms need to be defined and applied for clarity, because as they read now they are two very different effects.

    4) Agreed.
  4. kirkwb's Avatar
    Hrm, Watching the trailer again, it looks like your health is tracked by just adding and subtracting the number over the blood drop health symbols.

    Kyle has said in the Bad Wolf thread that, "In the game "healing" always means you restore health up to your original maximum health."

    So, the question still remains, is losing health dropping a card's Maximum Health or is it being treated the same as damage?

    I think I'm gonna wait to play the game, from now on The way the cards are written cause more questions than they answer.