Card Discussions 2: Frostmare

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Ahoya! Been far too long since i wrote my last entrie. Finally decided to write my next one! Today I'll be talking about my favorite ally, frostmare.

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General Strategy
Our pretty blue pony is best used as a combo ally, but general strategies include being aggresive and going for face, finishing off the last HP of an opposing ally (good for zaladar, baduruu, darkclaw, etc.), and cheaply pinging off weapon and armor durability.

A key feature of frostmmare is her ability to come in for free. Thus, she plays a great role in decks that thrive off your own allies dying. Shadow hunters in particular can appreciate frostmare when combined with anmors call, and wrath of forest. Frostmare becomes a free ping damage, recource ramp, and draw source all in one. Additionally, allies like ogloth the glutton and voracious arachnid can utilize the frigid mare, to potentially get their attack just high enough to kill that opposing ally with their ability. One particular recource ramp deck I've used combos frostmare, twisted familiar, rampant krygon, voracious arachnid, ogloth, and anmors call to quickly rack up recources and apply fattie pressure early.

Moving along, we get into the other amazing uses of her free summons. Overwhelm type strategies can benefit from a free body hitting the board. In decks like moonstalker, it really helps to get as many allies out as cheaply as possible. Free is as cheap as you can get, and can easily get that last point of damage needed to kill an opposing wave of allies with overwhelm. Other abilities she combos well with are The Harder They Fall, at 4cc to kill an opponent. Also at 4cc is the perfect shot, followed by frostmare to kill. Similarly, wave collapse for elementals can be comboed in the same way. Also for elementals, at 5cc they can benefit greatly from an energy discharge, or a hasted body to attach exaltation to.

Next we have the attack boost strategies. These utilize the haste and free summons to cheaply get damage dealt to opponents face (and sometimes allies). You commonly see it done with shard of power in zaladar decks, but the same synergy can be done with bloodlust, full moon, and rothems ability.

Now we come to the undead alignment synergies. As an ally that can be summoned for free, there are times that she makes a nice trigger for tombstone beacon in order to get back some recources (particularly nice with a t4 jewlers dream after a t3 beacon, for the possibility of also getting out a 3cc card). Being an easy ally to get in the grave, frostmare does amazing with der'kan. Furthermore, the afformentioned wave collapse can additionally help get undead in the grave for elementals.

And lastly, we arive at her ice damage synergy. With Lyth: Krystan's Ridge wanting as many ice damage allies on board as possible, a free hasted ice attack is very welcome. There is potential to get an arachnid out, and 1 or 2 frostmares on t3, to possibly take back a lost board against rush. (killing off 2 allies fairly easy). As additional ice based undead allies are added, the already established combo of frostmare and der'kan can become very stable with Lyth, and wrack up large amounts of ice type ping damage (and now imagine all that ability ping being used with aural batery, alongside some of the other elemental synergies)

Needed support/ Card repercussions
Being a small body, on its own it is a weak card, being unable to do much. Due to the combo type nature of the card, strong draw sources will be necessary so the synergies can be better utilized. (You generally wont want frostmare in a card starved top deck situation). In most situations, she has no place in a deck unless it's to combo with other cards, which generally makes for a gimmicky type of card.

Personal oppinion as previously stated, frostmare is my favorite ally. Her foil card art is one of my favorites as well. Shes a staple in my undead moonstalker, with me happily bringing her back with shadow knight.

Potential: 8.5/10
Reliability: 6/10
Efficiency: 8/10
Viability: 6.5/10
Personal Oppinion:12/10

I hope y'all found this useful and/or insightful. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments, or perhaps requests on what card youd like me to review (lets see if i can keep from procrastinating on the next entrie ehh?) above all, i hope i was able to inspire someone out there to try and build a new type of deck!

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  1. Anasia's Avatar
    I hate this little thing. If I see it on the board this usually means Overwhelm or Energy Discharge is coming...Ugh
    Very nice write up