Card discussions 1: call of the pack

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Call of the Pack
Hello, and welcome to my first blog entry
Today we will be discussing Call of the pack, an underused wulven card from dark prophecies.

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Affected cards:
The ability can be used to summon: Pack Wolf, Bloodpack Shaman, Bad Wolf, Wulven Predator, Wulven Scout, and Dread Wolf

Call of the Pack (cotp) is a useful tool for any wulven deck that's attempting to set up, or is trying to flood the board with allies. It can be played turn 3, and subsequently summon a 3cc ally that turn as well. The full benefit of the card is if the ally is killed, which allows cotp to summon another ally for free next turn, thus gaining value. It is in the turn four summon that the combos start to occur. T4, you may summon an ally and wrath of the forest, or packmasters helm. You may summon jewlers dream, and then play a 2cc card (another ally, death from above, nym, etc.) You can summon a 4cc ally, such as Soothjaw, or Wulven Tactician. Another strategy is to summon Dread Wolf, and attach him with Wulven Resiliance four a hasted 4attack ambush ally. If the enemy has forces overwhelming you, you can summon your ally and kill two of theirs with NYM and DFA.

The strategy starts diverge on turn five, and is highly dependant on what hero you have, who went first, and what happened turn four. Turn five will be the last turn cotp is up, and will be the essential turn in establishing board control if you haven't already. If playing second, you should have 5 shadow energy, which allows Bloodfang to summon a huge ally, or moonstalker to stealth two turns in succession.
With bloodfang, you have the potential to play 5 allies this turn. With moonstalker, you can summon three and stealth. Either way, turn five is a critical turn.
In the event that your board is cleared turn five, you may play another cotp on t6, and summon two allies, replacing the pressure. (It is under these circumstances that WotF being played turn 4 is essential). A key benefit to this cards usage under moonstalker is that it helps tremendously to keep enemy focus off of your hero, which allows for saved shadow energy for a late game swarm

If you hadn't already noticed, the card allows vast amounts of cards to be played from the hand quickly, and this delete your hand just as quickly. Draw becomes the most vital part of the decks success. As such, bloodmoon alone is not enough to keep the decks tempo going, and requires additional draw from other sources. (I.E. Bazaar) wotf is a great card, because having a big hand is most important when your board is empty.

Personal opinion:
I find the card to be very fun to play with, as it is a high risk high reward card. Do to its insatiable ability to fill your board in a single turn, I've had a few opponents quit turn five because they can't keep up with the incoming allies. It can be used in competitive decks, however too many factors need to go right, and thus its reliability is lacking.

Potential: 7.5/10
Reliability: 5/10
Efficiency: 7/10
Viability: 6/10
Personal opinion: 8/10

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  1. Keaven's Avatar
    This card has great synergy with Midnight Howl and Sacrificial Lamb (which also combos well with Dreadclaw Totem). Checkout my Bloodmoon Howl deck which was created specifically around Call of the Pack.
  2. Umbra7's Avatar
    Hmm, sac lamb. Yeah I can see how that's useful, especially in regards to the problematic draw. And if your ally isn't killed turn three, you can kill him yourself, mitigating the T3 cotp dead drop. Thank you for the helpful feedback I'll have to put that in the updated version I'll do of this when LL releases.
  3. Vince19992's Avatar
    Nice write up, umbra!

    Could you share any deck theme on it with us?
  4. Umbra7's Avatar
    Thanks vince. I actually really need to write up my next blog post...

    Anyways, I'm not sure what you meant by your question