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  1. I would like to apply to BP. You may or may have not seen me in my thread about finding a guild to join, so I will post some info on me.

    While I am relatively new to ShadowEra, I have been playing CCGs for the better part of twenty years. I am in no way a hard core player, but I do enjoy winning. As such, I tend to work hard at having a good card advantage and keeping up with the current information flow. After tonight I should have a full playset of every card in the game, with a number of foils (I am at 85% full playset right now, and I'm about to pop a bunch of boosters to fill it out). While I can't dedicate a great deal of time to the hobby, i can at least dedicate at least 2 days where I am about Shadow Era. I would like to work within a community and have fun, so if you would have me I would love to join.
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