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  1. Yeah, I first picked a dreadbolt, second pick Grimgaunt Predator and just sort of snowballed from there. SE seems to be doing well, Shattered Fates is looking to be interesting, has some new heroes to play around with. One of em is a tutor, another is a selfmill engine.

    My SolForge IGN is MistahBoweh, a little surprised you didn't notice, but I suppose that's why games have chat features. I recognized yours at first, but wasn't sure where from to be honest. I thought maybe it was MtG, started searching around on twitter/fb to ring any bells. Finally typed it into google and here we are.
  2. Haha I'm assuming by that wink you beat me. Shadowera still alive and ticking? First time logging in in months for me.
  3. Good game in that SolForge draft
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