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  1. Sure, just check my profile for the link. I think you may have accidently clicked on the 'Marksmen' group link.
  2. Wow I Must Have Been Smoking Crack I Swear I Read Something About It Only Being For Hunters. Well I'd Like To Join The Bro.
  3. My group is for everyone. I can't understand why you say it's only for hunters.
  4. Wow I Just Realize Your Inventors Club is For Hunter. Pssh Im A Warrior Bro Haha.
  5. Haha You Think You Have It Bad. I Live In California Which You Might Not Know But Is Bordered To Mexico, We Have Millions Of Illegal Mexicans. I Am Officially A Minority In My City.

    But For Regular Folks Like Myself Trying To Move To Australia Its Quite Difficult, I Had To Have An In Demand Trade Or Its Nearly Impossible Unless I Marry An Aussie.
  6. Tough immigration laws?! You've got to be kidding! You should see all the asylum seekers pouring in!
  7. How Come Australia Has Such Tough Immigration Laws?
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