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  1. I know what you I know exactly...what you mean X3
    I'm going something like that haha...we all get stuck sometimes....
  2. Yeah, I just wish certain parts of my life were different/would change. I've been a bit stuck for a while now haha.
  3. What's up :O?
    Everything ok?
  4. Lol, it's fine.
    Yeah, could be better though. x_x
  5. ohh haha ^-^' sorry hehe
    well that's good !
  6. I wouldn't know, I don't really frequent the SE forums that much. haha
    I'm doing alright thanks.
  7. Pretty good minus all the forum drama :/

    and yourself ^-^?
  8. Hello, how are you?
  9. ello ^-^
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