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  1. I kept on trying,it just won't work oh what ever I don't really need that picture
  2. Unfortunately I don't recall any such issue occurring on my end or from anyone I know.
    Try re-uploading the image to wherever you had it.
  3. derpy hooves, i have a problem,whenever i come back to my profile the picture is not there.
  4. also how did you get anybody to join your group ive been waiting for days for someone to join,it just wont happen.
  5. thanks you so much derpy hooves,i can't thank you enough
  6. Certain spots of the page layout share the same code and will cause images/colours to look very disorienting and all over the place.
    As I said, the old layout was much, much better.
  7. derpy hooves if you paste the URL for the page background the picture will shown all over the page
  8. thank you sooooo much
  9. It used to be MUCH more appealing before this large forum update that turned the whole place white and grey. :V

    *edit* Woops I read 'how' as 'why'.
    Do you mean the use of custom imagery on the side?
    If you go to your page and click on 'customize profile' you'll see a drop-down of multiple options including button and text colours.
    If you want a custom image displayed, you can make one and upload it to an image sharing site like photobucket, deviantart, imgur and all that then right-click and view the image.
    Once you've done this, you can copy the URL of the image and paste it into the text box of whatever you want to change. :3
  10. How did you customize your profile to make it like this,
    i need to know
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