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  1. RE: "Location: Where am i?"

    Hmm, was thinking of doing something stupid so when you got back, you'd see a whole bunch of stupid stuff but I see you sneak peeks every now and then and the last peek was on the 16th. Was thinking maybe create an account called BaBaLiTy and making dumb visitor comments ^^.
  2. yeah i know i has just having to much fun to stop
  3. RE:
    You should've gave up a long time ago. With threads like that, sometimes I'll give it 1 shot. Sometimes. After that, if you're adamant about holding their opinion, so be it.
  4. hahaha you contributed to "the creepshow and friends"
  5. yeah i know i was finally able to find a TCG where it was possible to be with it from the beginning..
  6. Yeah, I found the tit-for-tat amusing too; refreshing from all the Portal whining.

    That's cool, cruiseship work. Yeah, if it's 6 months, it'll be completely different; you'll have lots of catching up to do.
  7. been a long time since i had so much fun on a forum, have to enjoy it while i can im going on a cruiseship to work for 6 months in mid march so it will be fun to come home and see how the game as progressed
  8. If it weren't for the limit on short replies, we'd just have just have one-line replies of "Whore!" back and forth, all day long. ^^
  9. that always seems to be the problem yes and the quick replay
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