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  1. Okay Alrite.
  2. My club tries to find the newest meta-breaking deck, as well as sharing new, inventive decks and more unconventional builds. That's the 'inventor' part of it. The 'club' part is just a placeholder.
  3. Okay okay buddy no problem! So what does your club actually do?
  4. I prefer not to share personal info. It's a matter of privacy, ya see.
  5. Kool and yur age?
  6. From Australia.
  7. Oh KOOl man!! Btw which country r yuh from?
  8. Hehehe. I just had a match where I got 4 sparks out too.
  9. To join my Inventor's club, visit my profile page and scroll down to find my joined groups.
  10. Hey btw how do i join in yuhr inventer's club, eh?
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