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  1. Holy crap Super G!
    We are in Trenton nj! Had no idea you were so close! Thanks for the bday wish! If MartinJF makes it here from Norway we should get together!
  2. Hey Super G! Kip loves that you friended her! Thanks! I have to admit I play much more than her but she found the game app and picked our hero and name, not to mention she throws the weirdest combos out there and wins sometimes! It's nice to play together, but SE has a lot of competition between texting and boy bands right now! That the way it goes!
  3. Hey Team Thorp
    I wanted to say your Avatar pic is cool. I'm sure I'll see ya around sometime!
    Cool that you guys are having fun playing SE together!!
  4. Just saying hi!
    We loved and still love super grover! Great name!
    Team Kip thorp is with ya!
    AA1 Kip thorp if we ever play ya in the real game!
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