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  1. This is my first TCG, and I'm addicted! I even ordered physical cards XD.
    If you ever get bored or get bothered by some of the members here message me sometime!
    I don't know if you know about the SE Forum trolls, but they are out there.
    They are good on the inside.....but pretty Trolly to deal with at first.
    The point is....don't be frigtened away from here! I've been extremely active in the forums, which has gotten me
    tons of attention from them. They do mess with you a lot especially because, well your a girl, but since you play TCGs
    I'm guessing that you have probably dealt with this stuff before ^-^'....well anyways just wanted to say there are some really wonderful people on here too that would love more than anything to help! Sorry for the lengthy message ^-^'

    Enjoy the game!

    Lady Apsara
  2. Hey there! Yeah, I've only been playing a couple of weeks myself! I'm surprised at how much I actually enjoy the game haha. I'm used to playing Pokemon TCG, much simpler and less risque art :P Anyway, thanks for the message, glad to hear from other girls myself!
  3. Hey!!!

    There aren't many chicks on here, it's good to see another one
    My boy friend introduced me to the game about a week ago.
    (read your post in 'Vote for the playmat image!')
    Hope to talk to you sometime ;D

    Lady Apsara
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