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  1. Amen to that See ya dude.
  2. Hey Capo just lettin ya know I got you messages and it all looks right! Yeah, Druidism is a lot older than 2000 yrs but so are a lot of other religions and beliefs and ain't it a shame what is done in the name of any god. By the way I agree the beauty of all nature is a testament to the beauty that is God.
    Thanks hope ta play ya soon
  3. By the way, Christianity is a label placed on the beliefs and practices of the followers of Christ. They labeled early followers Christians, because they were imitators of Christ, not to be confused with the crusaders for example who did not imitate Christ in their murderous acts and other deeds. Jesus is the original standard of Righteousness and Justice for Christians.
  4. It's cool. Christianity started when Jesus the Messiah instituted the new covenant with his disciples, about 2000 years ago, the culmination of Judaism, instituted by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If Druidism is that old, that's interesting. I don't like snakes thou lol sneaky creatures. Domesticated snakes r not so bad. I love nature thou. An exhibition of the glory of God
  5. Sorry if it was to much info, but you asked andvi knew, a rare happening! Hope to see you in the game!
  6. Oh ok. Thanks for the info.
  7. Hey Capo 9,
    That was some pretty bad ass art they did but heres an answer to your question
    A Druid is a follower of nature like religion going back well before the time of modern Christianity, If you every heard about St Patrick ( I think) driving the snakes out of Ireland then that is the story of Druidism being replace by the Christians, One of many Druid symbols is the snake, shedding its skin is a metaphor for eternal renewal (an elemental card I think) Also a snake eating his own tail in a circle is another symbol for infinity.
    Here endeth the lesson
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