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  1. I saw those games, nice play! Let me go to etc and see what's going on!
  2. Go to chat room, prob best as instant messaging! Can sort exact time and PW, link on GDCs signature! Or guild irc thread!

    See you soon(ish)
  3. I agreed to meet Raph Majere tonight also, as he's in our group but I think that's a bit later as diff time zone. IGN steve99, need to quickly check rules, can play now or 10pm better for me but one essential!
  4. Ready when u are mate whats ya ign?
  5. Hi Paul,

    We are both in yellow 2 for the league but first 6 to play stay up - 3 matches only, rest drop down!

    If you want to play anytime - eve best for me, let me know, prob best on ECT forum by pm!

    Cheers matey,

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