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  1. Thanks. I understand. There is usually relevant questions and comments to announcements/updates, and it would be helpful if off topic or irrelevant/complaining/troll posts were removed so that people can see the information before it gets buried. Relevant comments can be useful.

    After all, there is plenty of places elsewhere for the rest of it
  2. M V C has been banned for a month and his irrelevant posts have been deleted from the thread.

    The Status Update forum houses updates on the pre-order and players generally just need to read the first post for official information. Pruning people's comments out isn't ideal and the forum is open to regular commenting to allow discussion.

    We should probably post another update but Kyle hasn't either because he is busy and/or doesn't have much real information from Alliance Game Distributors to provide.
  3. Hey AA. Would this be possible?
  4. Cheers. Got it.
  5. After you click on the "Customize My Profile" button on your profile page, you'll see various texboxes to adjust the layout of the page. All of the major elements you can customize have a background field that can input an image to skin things. It needs to be a URL so I'm not sure if album images will work and even then, I think only forum members can view these so they're not optimal.
  6. I meant background pictures that some users have
  7. Not sure what you're trying to do exactly. You currently have a profile picture already. If you wanted to change that, it's the Edit Profile Picture in settings.

    If you wanted to post pics on the Visitor Messages page, you can't; or the option is disabled.
  8. OK. So I've looked everywhere and cannot seem to find where to use images in my profile style. The closest thing I can find is just colours in the customize your profile options. I've put a picture in an album for it, but cannot seem to use it. Please help

    It's also the last thing on my list for my Forum Tips FAQ I'm doing.
  9. lol
  10. Well that's just like so not me at all. I would never make inside jokes about myself. Cause that would mean I'm just a narcissist with a huge ego! Of which I'm totally not, of course.
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