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  1. my Zaladar not that great when I was 190s rating but it did help me climb up slowly from 150s..

    my Zaladar deck is constantly change depend on players I fought in PvP..
    this is some staple cards I use and its not the complete set..

    Gargoyle x4
    Plasma Behemoth x4
    Brutalis x3
    Death Mage x2

    Energy Discharge x2
    Soul Reaper x2
    Mind Control x4
    Shadow Font x4
    Shriek x4
    Armor of Ages x2

    You just need to add some smally allies if u want to..
    Sorry cant show you exact copy of my deck cuz it wasn't that great in PvP agaisnt a +250 rating players..
    Zaladar deck no need to rush their awesome moment is when they start controlling the field from turn 4 onwards..
  2. Hey can you link a pvp deck build for Zaladar please. I cant figure out what cards and how many of each to put in.. Thanks..
  3. hey i was wondering if you can post a pvp deck for Zaladar. I cant figure out exactly what cards to put in and how many of each. thanks.
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