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  1. that's awesome! So wait, you played in a physical tournament??
    Where can view your decks? I will end up reading the cards I think. Not all at once. I just cleared my inbox for ya.
  2. Oh btw, i went to UK last years, and kicked some physical ass to win the meltdown tourney, GDC was in, haha, very fun. And i got cards from the first print, .
  3. Your mail box is full, you n00bish fool, so here's your pm reply:

    I came back two weeks ago, with the new cards, it's fun, you can check the three decks i made, it can win you some times since reading over all the new cards might be harsh. If you want play testing pm me, i'm done with trouble and have lots of spare time, and a very good internet, mwahahahah,
  4. Haha, but i still have 1.26 for iThings on my Laptop, if you don't have it, i can e-mail it to you and we ould be able to play some games,
  5. maybe someday you'll find time

    hey you know what would be cool? going back to version 1.26

    you know? back when my lance was super fine-tuned to that version and wrecked every amber in it's path. i believe the score was 10-0 at one point and you had some trouble with your "internet" and you had to stop playing.

    if you could find time again that would be really cool
  6. Nice, thanks.

    Well... I don't really have time to waste playing against n00b like you, ya know.
  7. hey kent

    how have you been?

    we should play some matches and build god-like decks sometime
  8. clear!
  9. Clear your mail box dude !!!
  10. Ok, Babylon not Babylone, but don't tell me you don't know who is Babylon ? and the beast from the apocalypse of St John ???
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