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  1. Well I have been off for about a year....but I have been playing for 8 into a college level orchestra by the second year I was playing, concert master of my high school, I was in a professional symphony the last two years of high school and received a Full Tuition music scholarship (by auditioning) at the University I was attending the second part of the year I was there however I was so physically and mentally stressed with the 8+ hours of rehearsals/practicing/etc I ended up getting a stress fracture in my back and had to stop for awhile :/...I'm hopefully returning this spring....which will be 2 years since my I have been out of it for awhile...I'm not going to lie, I have however have taught lessons, gone to schools to tutor, play in small gigs in the mean time, but nothing like I long as it isn't a Tchaikovsky violin concerto or something like that, I should be ok least I think ._.
  2. Thanks for the reply I am working on finishing it at the moment, it's more of a medley of all the songs haha. I was just wondering how confident you are on the violin, like how many years have you been playing?
  3. That sounds AWESOME !!!!!

    I would love to ^___^!!!
  4. Hey Lady Apsara,

    I read that you were a violinist and loved shadow era....well i am a pianist/guitarist and also love shadow era :P I was wondering if you would like to help out in a cover of some of the shadow era songs featuring strings or a strong melody it might be hard since I live in New Zealand but we might be able to figure something out
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