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  1. Welcome to the Crown(8) v1.29 Tourney!

    If you are unaware, the tourney has begun. Please review the rules located on post #1 of the tourney thread. Official brackets are available on post #2 (or visit

    Tourney schedule and round deadlines can be found near the bottom of post #1. Try to complete your matches early.

    Remember, whatever deck you decided to use in round 1, you must use that exact same deck throughout the tourney. If you are in the habit of constantly tweaking your deck for QMs, I suggest you write down your Crown(8) deck somewhere.

    Matches are best of 3, alternating 'who goes first' in games 1 and 2. Winners, report results on thread.

    Also, familiarize yourselves with the new RNB rules on post #1

    If you have other questions, please read rules carefully on post #1. Then, if your still confused, PM me.

    Good luck!

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Effective immediately we will no longer use the built in private forum for Team Juggernauts. It is unsecured and not scalable for our needs.

    We now use this forum for all Team Juggernauts correspondence:

    After you register there, PM on SE forum and then I will add appropriate permissions so you can see the Team Juggernauts area. Joining this is voluntary but I HIGHLY recommend for you to join. It is more secure, no one can see what we do here.

    It also has an iPhone/iPad app that you can install to view it easier. Let me know if you need the info on this.

    Kind Regards
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