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  1. Yeah, but where do you leave the galaxy!?
    In science book?
  2. Yeah, it looks like you not from this world...
  3. Really!?!
    That's a good news!
    I come from Andromeda but I say that I come from Italy just to not make the other scary and look like this <(◎_◎)>...
  4. Earth?
  5. I am from Italy and you are from... From?!
  6. Oh, this. It's hard to understand if someone talks gibberish. Even though I'm ok with having a match with you, but I think it will take even more time and effort to figure out day and time for it.
  7. What do you understand!?! I mean a match betwen you and me you silly man... BTW i was thinking about a friend of mine writing that...
  8. I'm not sure what are you talking about, but don't things like these have age restrictions?
  9. I mean 1 by 1, you and me, face to face, mouth to mouth...
    BTW It was really a Godfather reference!?! (what a sarcastic man i am...)
  10. Hello.
    What do you mean by challenge?
    And by the way, that horse's head thing was Godfather reference, in case if you don't get it.
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