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  1. I've left Kyle another message on the issue and will get back to you when I receive an answer. My guess is there will be more SE merchandise in the future so it will not be licensed out until we have worked out the details.
  2. Hi AnAdolt, I was wondering of you got any answer from Kyle?

    Sorry for bothering you with this again.
  3. Thanks for the reply
  4. I didn't get a reply when I originally asked but that was probably because Kyle was busy and sidetracked with planning Origins. The office will be open in about 15 minutes and hopefully I'll have an answer for you soon.
  5. Hey AnAdolt,

    Was wondering if you saw my last on to you. I would rather being told no, then to not get an answer

  6. Thanks, I wanted to play a fellow Canadian
  7. My "online name"? You mean my "in-game" name? Long story short, my main account is Vinkev.
  8. What is you re online name? Would really want to play you! Is it also an adult
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