• About Shadow Era

      Shadow Era is a physical and digital collectible card game (CCG) featuring gorgeous card art, highly balanced gameplay, and streamlined game rules.

      Unlike most other hybrid card games, the digital game came first and was designed to accommodate both new players and veteran CCG players alike. Thanks to a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, the physical version was later produced to create a high quality game with the exact same rules and cards as the digital version. Whether you prefer to play digital or physical or both, you'll always have a good time with Shadow Era!

      Visit our online store to order physical products, or read about our Champions program to find players and stores near you.

      The digital version is available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Visit the download page to get started!

    • Vote: Blockchain Cards

      Shadow Era is set to embrace the future of Trading Card Games by creating a new type of blockchain cards, traded and sold freely with SHDW and other cryptocurrencies. Shadow Token holders can now vote to approve or disapprove of this proposal.

      For the full details of the proposal, please read the document:

      Executive summary:
      - integrated Waves wallet
      - all cards will have blockchain versions (bling only)
      - no cost to Shadow Era
      - plan to fully finish by end of Jan 2019
      - promotional support from Waves platform team

      How to Cast Your Vote:
      - The option to vote will appear in the game as a new icon on the bottom of the main world map
      - Lock in your vote by selecting one of the options
      - You may change your vote at any time before the voting close
      - Only votes from accounts with a linked Shadow Token balance will be counted towards the total, in relative proportion to the SHDW balance. However, the "popular vote" is also recorded for informational purposes.
      - Alternatively, vote on the blockchain by sending any amount of SHDW to one of the addresses below:
      YES: 3PHMd68GLCtdPDavmerZrZbDMQcVZbevYES
      NO: 3PHXZ4B7xjcew64nEAKehmNtD4jHk9beyNo
      (For full details on voting rules and procedures, please see this doc)

      What are Shadow Tokens?
      - Shadow Tokens (SHDW) are a cryptocurrency with real value and many in-game benefits. For more details, please see

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