• 3.63 Released!

      We're very pleased to announce that v3.630 is now available on all our platforms, containing:
      - 27 new cards added to Lost Lands booster packs (and available in Merchant for gold).
      - Hypnogician card added to Campaigns booster pack (and available in Merchant for gold).
      - Fix for "Embers" video reward crashes on Android/iOS.
      - Offline mode to play against AI when there is no internet connection.
      - Card balance changes and bug fixes (see below).

      Please see below for more details on the balance changes and card bug fixes.

      Balance Changes

      Being so close to World Championship season we did not wish to shake up existing cards unless absolutely necessary, so there are only 2 balance changes in v3.63:


      Zailen Scholar - Ability changed to "When Zailen Scholar is targeted by an ability on your turn, 1 of your resources is renewed. When you end your turn while Zailen Scholar has an attachment and is adjacent to your hero, draw a card." (from "When Zailen Scholar is targeted by an ability on your turn, 1 of your resources is renewed. When you end your turn while Zailen Scholar has an attachment, draw a card.)

      Arthyle's Pass: Dead Man's Breach - Controller ability changed to "On the turn they are summoned, friendly allies with cost 2 or less have meek, haste and ambush and can't activate abilities." (from "Allies have meek the turn they are summoned. Friendly allies with cost 2 or less have haste and ambush.")

      Card Bug Fixes

      SE-1146 - Nanaya attacks enemies that survive her 1st attack.
      SE-1147 - Camouflaged Foe is being triggered by revived Phoenix Urigon.
      SE-1148 - Clockwork Soldier is being treated as summoned ally when is converts.
      SE-1149 - Pillaging Arsonist is not triggering Bloodthirsty when he kills with his fire damage.

      If you discover any card-related bugs, please post them here:

      Thanks for your patience while we worked on completing the new cards in this update. We hope you enjoy playing with them!

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        Gondorian -
        To check out all the new cards in our web deckbuilder, visit here:
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        robbator -
        Is there a list of only new cards available somewhere?
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