• Keldor Interviews the Stars of the SEF #1

      Keldor: Hi, everybody, it's Keldor here again, interviewing the stars of the Shadow Era Federation!
      Keldor: In this episode, we will be hearing from three of the most promising teams. Let's get started with Team Graveheart, as I like to call them ...

      Keldor: So, Gravebone - may I call you Gravy? Youíve had a bone to pick with Tala in the past. Are you willing to let bygones be bygones so you can work together?
      Gravebone: Yesss, for now. She will serve me after I revive her fallen corpse.

      Keldor: Tala, how can you even move in that suit of armor? It looks heavy!
      Tala: Strength comes naturally to a Protector! Not like olí Bonehead there. How much weight can a skeleton lift, anyway?
      Keldor: My last question is for both of you: If each of you could be any animal, what would you be?

      Tala: A great bear! Powerful and fearless!
      Keldor: And you, Gravy?
      Gravebone: A carniboar. I would love a meal the way he prefers them. I try to eat, but it just falls right out of my gut space.
      Keldor: Ha ha. I know exactly what you mean by that.

      Keldor: Let's move swiftly onto who I like to call Team Hot Mess, aka Amber-Praxix ...

      Keldor: Amber, when you learned of Vullís plans for you and the other Heroes, what went through your mind?
      Amber: Another man on a power trip. My blades will find his head when this whole thing is finished.
      Keldor: Praxix, whatís it like working with a mere human? They can be pretty annoying, right? Especially her...ow! Amber! I was just kidding!
      Praxix: Humans mean nothing to me, just a waste of precious resources and energy. She will fall as they all do.

      Keldor: You know you're on the same team, right? Let's see if we can get some unity in this next question. If each of you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?
      Amber: I long for a glass chalice of the finest, on a beach somewhere in Layar.
      Praxix: I would just head straight for the nearest portal and be done with this wretched contest.
      Keldor: Don't let Vull hear you talking like that! If he thinks you don't like it, he will keep you here for longer!

      Keldor: Time for my last interview now. It's Team Heart Attack, Victor and Ter Adun ...

      Keldor: Ter...uh...Mr. Adun...*gulp* you have any advice for aspiring warriors?
Ter: I smell your fear. Young warriors of the Asyn are always taught to show no mercy and embrace the chaos.
      Keldor: Victor, word on the street is that you are quite a shot with that bow of yours. Have you practiced a lot or is it just natural talent?
      Victor: Do you even have to ask? Talent always comes naturally to someone as good looking as me.
      Keldor: Iím sure I speak for everyone when I ask both of you: whatís your favorite food?
Ter: BBQ Crystal Shards. Tasty, energetic snack.
      Victor: A Flame-Spitter burger. Always had a palate for all things spicy.
      Keldor: I know which I'd prefer, if I could actually eat, but I'll leave that as a mystery for my beloved viewers.

      Keldor: Speaking of viewers, I hope you enjoyed these interviews. I will be back with more in the near future.

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      1. Offspring's Avatar
        Offspring -

        These were the best interviews ive ever read. Thank you very much for this, and congratulations for the writers, you are very creative persons!

        Will there be interview with the other teams too?
      1. mindtripper's Avatar
        mindtripper -
        YESS! So glad to read these interviews. So funny.
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