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    • Chairman's Update #2

      Hi, everyone!

      As with my previous update, Im sharing this as official spokesperson of the board as a whole. I hope you find it interesting and encouraging. Questions and comments are most welcome.

      We had our second board meeting last week and covered the following:


      Kevin Manning has decided to leave the board, and we wish him well on his new ventures.

      We identified a need to have someone overseeing and directing development explicitly.

      Ian Bolton has become Director of Development, which is an expanded Board role covering all aspects of development, from design to story to coding to releases.


      The Community and Operations projects completed in August. The Single-Player project continues, and we have identified and fixed a long-standing AI bug which was hampering progress of some missions. The fix is prioritized for the next update.


      The game has always been blessed by contributions from the community, especially from your own initiatives and volunteer work. We are pleased to see this has continued since the new organisation has been formed and are very appreciative of that. Thank you!

      In terms of volunteer work we have defined explicitly, were pleased to report that good progress has been made in the areas of Support and with the Volunteer Design Team and expect this to continue. Support tickets have been answered in a timely manner and we will be adding new moderators for the global in-game chat.


      The current state of the Single-Player campaign is not where we would like it to be, and community feedback matches up with this, so development work has been approved to announce and then deliver improvements in a more transparent and effective way.

      In light of this, we can confirm that completing the 1-star dialogue for Missions 1-10 for each of the Human heroes from Call of the Crystals is our top priority and will be delivered by the end of September. This is intended to deliver a better experience for new players starting out with one of those heroes as well as sharing the early stories of our oldest ten Human Heroes.

      The other main development priority is on completing the technical/development handover from Kyle, who has been server administrator and lead developer for Shadow Era as a whole since he created the game seven years ago.

      In terms of other contract work, we have commissioned artwork for the 28 spoiled Lost Lands Part 2 cards (Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Rogue), so there are no blockages to releasing them when we wish to do so.

      The below four images are by Alex Hurtado. See if you can work out which cards they are for!


      To help us make more informed decisions when directing the company, or even lower-level decisions, we approved the creation of a second (slave) server. We can generate all manner of useful information from this, to feed into balance decisions, financial decisions, marketing decisions, etc, etc. As of today, the slave server is already working and has given us some useful insights.


      We identified some ways to increase our income from the game, which will then allow us to accelerate our development and invest in other areas. We will be putting these into action during September and beyond, beginning with some new player and booster box bundle deals in the next update.

      If you have any comments or questions on this update, please reply below or send direct to me or other board members.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for your patience while we've made it through our first five weeks.

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      1. Umbra7's Avatar
        Umbra7 -
        First art is clearly a rogue type card. It doesn't really fit rabble rouser, and I would expect master of disguise to be...well, disguised, or hiding in a crowd. I suppose it could be covert operative, so I'll go with that one.

        Art two is clearly a Smith with, braxnorian weaponsmith.

        3rd art depicts a mage surrounded by what looks like runes, and using lighting. I.E. lightning being tempest, so tempest runebearer

        The last one is blue death looking creature, so probably undead. He's attacking a frozen person with a scythe, also known as a popsickle.

        Covert operative
        Braxnorian weaponsmith
        Tempest runebearer

        And if any of these are wrong, it's probably the rogue card
      1. a player's Avatar
        a player -
        O.K., I'm confused. Why can't I find this post in the forum? I had to navigate using the new posts synopsis next to the Chat Box.

        Wait, what happened to Natcho? He just got here!
      1. tolerance's Avatar
        tolerance -
        Would be interesting to see more sustainable profit plan

        And thanks for card art spoilers
      1. dejvo's Avatar
        dejvo -
        the art looks cool
      1. Gondorian's Avatar
        Gondorian -
        Quote Originally Posted by a player View Post
        O.K., I'm confused. Why can't I find this post in the forum? I had to navigate using the new posts synopsis next to the Chat Box.

        Wait, what happened to Natcho? He just got here!
        It's been moved automatically (unintentionally) when I turned this into an article as well. I will move it back to Announcements.
      1. LoboDplayer's Avatar
        LoboDplayer -
        Am I wrong when a say, that pictures are possible successor from one of the most future card art? New painter?
      1. tolerance's Avatar
        tolerance -
        Quote Originally Posted by LoboDplayer View Post
        Am I wrong when a say, that pictures are possible successor from one of the most future card art? New painter?
        his other works for SE
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