• Wulven Spotlight: Extra Life 2014

      You just finished an epic session of 24 hours of nonstop video and tabletop gaming. Your Mom praises you for a job well done. Your Dad pats you on the shoulder and tells you he’s proud of you. At the Children’s Hospital downtown you’ve just contributed to saving a life.
      Gamers last weekend participated in the Extra Life event, a gaming marathon to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Foundation. They played video and table top games for 24 hours straight and they raised over 5 million dollars for the charity.

      To support everyone who participated in the Extra Life event and to bring more awareness to the campaign, Wulven Game Studios gave ALL digital Shadow Era players double experience and gold last weekend and supported a number of Extra Life events. BiffMcSkylark tweeted and Twitched his way through 24 hours of digital gaming with Shadow Era gameplay and Shadow Crystal giveaways. Nicolas from the Average Giants documented his game play on his HitBox channel and played hours of Shadow Era. Forum regular, ShadowRyou, played the physical version of Shadow Era with his Extra Life RundDead team. And Team Annabelle went big with a 24 hour event at All Things Fun in Berlin, NJ; with both physical and digital Shadow Era gameplay, prizes, and giveaways.

      We spoke with Joe "Toxic Wisdom" Miles from Team Annabelle about his experience. He started playing Shadow Era when his friend Derek introduced the digital game to him at a BBQ. Now a few months later, he’s picked up the physical game too, has run his first Meltdown tournament, and spread the Shadow Era love at the All Things Fun event:

      1. What motivated you to join Extra Life?
      “I was driven by being both a gamer and a parent, this was the first fund raising group that I felt a personal attraction towards. As registered players we have the option to pick which hospital we would like to support. As my daughter had been treated there in the past as well as a few other friends and family member’s children, I selected the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. This was my way of saying "thanks" in return for all of the support CHoP has shown them.”

      2. Any memorable moments from the event you want to share?
      “Wow! Soo many I'm not sure where to begin. I guess I could narrow it down to my top three moments (in no particular order) from the event as a whole a) running my first ever Meltdown tournament for Shadow Era - the response was positive, and players were looking forward to the next one! b) with only two hours remaining for the event a group of us started playing Talisman as our last game of the day - what developed was a string of unforgettable insults that only true friends can share with a smile. c) watching my daughter Alyssa help raise money by face-painting some of the participants, and playing Fluxx with her when she had some free time.”

      4. What attracted you to Shadow Era?
      “Tactics! There were clearly levels to the game that went deeper than some common one-hit methods of winning a game. And I like that there is no one particular power deck; as each Hero is equally a predator and a prey.”

      5. You’ve already overseen your first Shadow Era tournament! What do you think of the physical game play?
      “Overall the game received positive responses from each person that I did a demo for. I'd like to think my demos were responsible for how smooth the tournament went, as only a few clarifications needed, but I know it was because those that participated are gamers…plain and simple!

      Clearly more micro management is needed in the physical card game, like having to track stats manually. But nothing that a set of dice couldn't remedy. And thankfully when you're at a gaming event there doesn't seem to be a shortage of dice! Most of players that participated in the tournament already had their own even. On a more personal side, I guess I'm more of an old school gamer where I prefer "hands on" over "apps". I like to simply shuffle my own cards! I’m happy now to see it on the shelves at All Things Fun!”

      Thank you to everyone who participated or supported someone who registered. We’re looking forward to participating next in Extra Life and hope that you join us!
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