• GenCon Aug 14-17

      Join Shadow Era for the best four days in gaming at GenCon!

      We have a large booth in this year's exhibit hall; lots of room for multiple gaming tables, great product sales, and many events. Come see Shadow Era cosplay, meet the creator of Shadow Era, enter in our giveaway, and get some of your cards signed by Shadow Era artists!

      We're also looking for a few volunteers to help run events and do demos. Let us know if you're interested in a free GenCon badge, tshirt and free products!


      Aug 14-17th, 2014

      Booth 2919
      Indiana Convention Center
      Indianapolis, Indianana, USA

      Shadow Era events are now on Buy your tickets now to reserve your spot or come with generic tickets to the event.

      10:00 AM: Meltdown Tournament
      2:00 PM: Meet and Beat
      4:00 PM: Booster Draft Tournament

      10:00 AM: Meltdown Tournament
      2:00 PM: Meet and Beat
      4:00 PM: Booster Draft Tournament

      10:00 AM: Meltdown Tournament
      1:00 PM: Constructed Deck Tournament: 2014 Regional Championships
      5:00 PM: Booster Draft

      10:00AM: Meltdown Tournament

      More on the big constructed deck tournament soon!
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      1. shiperu's Avatar
        shiperu -
        This year we want Kyle dressed like Amber
      1. SamuelJ's Avatar
        SamuelJ -
        I would like to help, but that link is not working for me.
      1. Muriah -
      1. Muriah -
        We're happy to announce that we are working with Geekedup Gaming ( who will be filming and posting the final match of the Constructed Deck 2014 Championship! This match-up takes place at 1pm on Saturday at GenCon.

        This is a great opportunity to see some high level physical Shadow Era players battle it out for fame and glory.
      1. Muriah -
        Pick up a huge poster of the map of Balor at GenCon!

        Printed at 24X36" on excellent paper, you'll really appreciate the level of detail and be ready for the upcoming Shadow Era campaign mode. Visit Jared Blando in the artist alley at Gen Con to get your poster and get it signed!
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