• WC2013 Regionals

      The Shadow Era WC2013 Regionals are upon us! Head over to the forums and signup for the regional that best suits your schedule. If you win the event, you will gain an invite to play in the prestigious 2013 World Championship event, which takes place November 23-24.
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      1. Seanmorgan21 -
        im in woot woot
      1. BP JinT's Avatar
        BP JinT -
        Im in is there another forum page some where?
      1. Raphael Majere's Avatar
        Raphael Majere -
        Quote Originally Posted by BP JinT View Post
        Im in is there another forum page some where?
        The road map:

        You can sign up for the last chance WC qualifier happening this weekend.
      1. Saldenaas's Avatar
        Saldenaas -

        How can I sign myself?

        Thanks: Saldenaas
      1. Sickle's Avatar
        Sickle -
        How can I sign up for this
      1. Bobbypim's Avatar
        Bobbypim -
        Isn't this very old news? Too old to be featured on the front of this website if you ask me

        Edit: This goes for the wulven apprentice as well!
      1. Veles's Avatar
        Veles -
        Yeah, isn't it better to feature Spoilers of Shattered fates and other related stuff?
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