• Rumors of Legends

      Rumors have been circulating on our forums about an aging king picking up his sword once again to do battle, and a massive Shadow beast causing widespread destruction. Not much is known about these legendary allies, or even if they will prove to be useful in combat, but their demand is unquestionably high.

      "I just can't keep these cards in stock," exclaimed the Merchant. "I've been raising my prices in hopes of encouraging people to sell, but most people are holding on to these two. I've had to open a lot of packs just to find some to meet demand, and it's not easy you know... Say... I have two Rolling Boulders here you might be interested in. Special deal for you today, yes?"

      Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi

      The hordes of minotaur warriors moved across the plains of Gaderi with a ferocity they believed to have never before been seen in Balor. When at last they came upon the defending forces, that opinion was changed. Facing down on them was a man who could not be stopped, who could not be slowed. What stood before them was a leader who was stronger for the men who followed him. The Gaderi prized strength above all else in their rulers, and Karlstrad's rule had never been questioned.

      Scourge Colossus

      The Ravagers have always worshiped chaos and destruction, and believed that gods of these concepts once visited their world. When they first encountered the Shadow Gates, many hoped they would again meet these avatars of pure malice. Then came a beast who brought devastation with every step, crushing foe and belongings as one. At first they believed this to be their new god, but now they consider the Scourge Colossus to be the key to victory.

      Have you faced these two in battle yet? Did you find them in a booster pack or get lucky with the merchant? How will they change the outcome in the struggle of the Humans against the invading Shadow? There seems to be only questions and a shroud of mystery surrounding these legendary allies...
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      1. dude13117's Avatar
        dude13117 -
        I like this article!

        But the price jack worked, 4200 is a lot
      1. Rayzie's Avatar
        Rayzie -
        I've seen them both! And they are both very cool. But, no better than the 5cc's
      1. forest guardian's Avatar
        forest guardian -
        I totally want 4 of them my name is forest guardian let me know when their available
      1. CyrusKhane's Avatar
        CyrusKhane -
        They are available now.
      1. Jackster006's Avatar
        Jackster006 -
        I love the artwork on both of fit great for legendary cards! Great Job!
      1. bytas's Avatar
        bytas -
        ah damn! why did i miss this They are sold out again already. Or am i missing something?
      1. Jazz's Avatar
        Jazz -
        Could the Merchant, please, sell those at a different time!
      1. Sedjet's Avatar
        Sedjet -
        Could we please get these cards up on the card list?
      1. TheDorque's Avatar
        TheDorque -
        Just pulled a foil Karlstrad out of a pack! Woo!
      1. BoomorDoom -
        Love the Legendary idea...I am fairly new to the game but I hope this keeps up.
      1. yomaster's Avatar
        yomaster -
        I got foils of both ;-) I have played them both, but never actually got either one to "stick" to the board. Scourge Colossus especially dies instantly because his ability is so devastating.
      1. Astroace's Avatar
        Astroace -
        I have both, but usually only use them against the AI....Though Scourge Colossus can last a bit longer than the other...
      1. CyrusKhane's Avatar
        CyrusKhane -
        Karlstrad looks like Ron Perlman in Conan. Juuust saying.
      1. doghouse's Avatar
        doghouse -
        How am I supposed to get a karlstrad??
      1. Miracle's Avatar
        Miracle -
        How many legendary card are there? Just two.... Scourge and Karlstrad? And how rare are these cards? I happen to have one of em' from pack
      1. OlDirtyGrizzly's Avatar
        OlDirtyGrizzly -
        after buying my 20th booster pack finally got one..
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