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  1. Help kyle

    I have emailed everybody! I bought through google a 5.00 package of crystals,600. I haven't received them and its been two days. The only email i have received is from google is the receipt. My question is how long until i get them?
  2. 1.25 Gravebella Beatdown

    1.25 Gravebella Beatdown v4.5

    1 - Gravebone

    4 - Brute
    3 - Medusil
    3 - Infernal Gargoyle
    4 - Belladonna

    4 - Fireball
    4 - Lightning Blast
    3 - Portal
    2 - Research
    2 - Shriek

    Total: 30 Cards

    Ok, so I'll show an optimal start going first, then on to the explanations.

    T1 - Hold
    T2 - Brute
    T3 - Gargoyle/Medusil Opponent depending.
    T4 - Research ...
  3. Fireball

    I know im new at this in all but i really have no problem with the game, its amazing. but if its ok id like to point out a little glitch. probably everyone noticed the fireball glitch? how it doesnt always show up? sometimes it doesnt even take damage for me. so just wondering when is the next update for it?

    note: when it does work it is always so cool to see it in action
  4. Zaladar Rolling Pin™ Game 7

    Game 7: vs Gwenths Minions (30 Card Eldawen)


    Sacrifice Only
    Cast Fire Snake

    Cast Research
    Cast Brutalis
    Fire Snake -> Eldawen(25)

    Use Research
    Cast Infernal Gargoyle
    Brutalis & Fire Snake -> Eldawen(23)

    Arcane Burst(Zaladar(26), Gargoyle, Brutalis & ...
  5. New weapons and armour

    Quote Originally Posted by Reshiram99 View Post
    Right, anyway, there are many weapons and armours, but they all are at least 4 cost. I reckon there need to be some cheaper weapons and armours so heroes can start attacking faster. The problem with this, though, is that heroes like Gwenneth and amber will become broken. Their abilities will probably need to be reworked, then, I guess. But enough of that. Let's just start making new weapons and armour! Everyone is welcome to share their ideas. I'll start off with my ideas:

    EDIT: I
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