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  1. Wulven Warefare [1.603]

    A nice fun build.

    Current build (40):

    1 x Moonstalker

    4 x Bad Wolf
    4 x Wulven Tracker
    2 x Ogloth The Glutton
    4 x Pack Wolf
    (14 Allies)

    3 x Captured Prey
    3 x Now You're Mine
    3 x Regeneration
    3 x Pack Alpha
    3 x Acid Jet
    4 x Sacrificial Lamb
    (19 Abilities)

    3 x Wrath of The Forest
    3 x Fangs of The Predator
    (6 Items)

    From my channel strategy play list are ...

    Updated 09-29-2012 at 02:00 PM by Keaven

  2. "Heavy Runners": aka, a new name 4 another usual Portal-based Majiya Deck's brew.

    Quote Originally Posted by SMEERO View Post
    Hello Everybody!
    I'm glad to post my first deck, with a strategy guide, to share some knowledge i made on QMs after months of battles and revisions.


    The version that You are going to see, and i hope We are going to discuss is by now tuned and working quite well in QMs.
    As the title suggests, it's a Portal Majiya, a quite tested and played archetype that is not supposed to astonish either shock anybody.
    I haven't found the perfect brew
  3. Still waiting....

    So im still waiting on any information on when or if im going to be able to get my hands on some phisical cards here in Australia
  4. The Arch-Mage Deck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Foxita View Post
    Ok so, this will be also a tutorial :P

    Fireball x4 4 damage for 3 cost, is the best spell dmg.

    Poison Gas x3 every turn enemy hero takes 1 dmg. x3 cause some hero can remove it ( darkclaw, moonstalker, priests, for exemple ), and sometimes it can help killing some hard monster.

    Lightning Strike x4 3 damage to a hero and a monster, 2nd best mage spell, help dmging hero and removing monsters, x4.

    Engulfing Flames x3
  5. Day Three Stamp

    Round One vs Amber

    Okay, change to the draw engine worked wonders. Unfortunately, Dimension Ripper taking one of my wipes made it a deal breaker for this game. A good fight, though! Both of us ran out of draw two turns before the end (and they started with 47 draw cards!)

    Handy thing to remember about Retreat! If your ally is stolen and played against you, Retreat! returns the ally to your hand. Always fun to steal back your peeps.

    Round Three vs Aber ...
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