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  1. Pokemon: Thoughts on side boards, and deck thinning.

    Many who are familiar with the Pokémon Trading Card Game and have participated in any of the games tournaments, be it competitive or casual, have probably noticed the absence of a familiar trend among other such games. Sideboards are not present at all under normal circumstances. The same goes for Shadow Era. I have been thinking about how this affects the two games, and what sideboards could mean for Shadow Era for a few weeks, so here I would like to just jot down my thoughts.

    A ...
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  2. SK Blastino Pop up#1

    [QUOTE=UnidentifiedUser;602181]8 man Pop-up

    1. Best of 3 for all rounds. Single elimination.
    2. Decklock. No card swaps allowed deck has to remain same throughout.
    3. Replay Draws. Disconnects is win for the player who doesn't disconnect, unless both parties agree to replay.
    4. Random start for G1 and G3. Opposite start for G2.
    5. Stall and or mill decks are not allowed.

    Standard Wulven prizes pending approval.

    8-player ...
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  3. Still waiting....

    So im still waiting on any information on when or if im going to be able to get my hands on some phisical cards here in Australia
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  4. Design Team Blog - Expansion Spoiler #4

    Expansion Spoiler 4: The Warrior’s March

    Welcome to the 4th part of our first expansion spoiler series. Last time, we looked at the two factions of Shadow Era, exploring their distinguishing features and what new cards you might see for them in the expansion. Now, with that foundation in place, we can start focusing on individual classes, finding out what makes them tick and which direction(s) the forthcoming cards will take them in. With seven classes to choose from, we've

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  5. Berserker Boris [1.503]

    Of all my creative decks this is by far the the most competitive. The deck pretty much speaks for itself, and is the exact deck I used unchanged in all my rounds of The Gauntlet.

    Current deck (40):

    1 x Boris Skullcrusher

    4 x Lily Rosecult
    2 x Armored Sandworm
    (6 Allies)

    3 x Smashing Blow
    2 x Enrage
    3 x Crippling Blow
    4 x Rampage
    2 x Shield Bash
    4 x Blood Frenzy
    4 x Retreat
    (22 Abilities) ...

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