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  1. The Diary of Shadow Era - The Beginning: How it all started

    I am sorry about posting this twice. Doormat has inspired me and gave me the idea to continue making the blogs. I didn't add a very good title to the first blog post but I have chosen the series name. I may even publish this in future. I could even speak to some special people to help.

    The Beginning: How it all started

    I remember the day I was searching through the App Store....... It was about 10PM and That's 1 hour past my bed time, *gasp* i would've been grounded ...
  2. Shadow Era Crystals - Earn Shadow Era For Free

    Shadow Era Crystals - Finally, is now available for public and you can start earning Shadow Era Crystals. By signing up you will receive a bonus Shadow Crystals. If you signed up with your Facebook account you will receive 2 times of the bonus points.

    We hope you earn more Shadow Crystals at
  3. Garbage Disposal [1.29]

    This is a variation of a deck I tried pre 40 card minimum that did not work at all. Now that decks start at 40 and their are some new allies it seems to be working OK. Still in development although it is already playing well. The concept initially came from trying to find a use for the most useless cards, and there is one card that allows it with Ambers new ability.

    Current Deck (47):
    1 x Amber Rain

    4 x Puwen Bloodhelm
    3 x Birgitte Skullborn
    3 x ...

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  4. Shadow Era Tips For Beginners

    I'm relatively new to SE, but have spent a lot of time getting to the know the game and community. Here's a link to a recent article I wrote to help out beginners. I hope you enjoy it!

    Happy Gaming!
  5. Ways to Play

    Ways to Play:

    Shadow Era is a card game. Card games have evolved to have a certain pool of strategies and styles of play available to them. Most try and innovate in one way or another, but eventually they all settle on the same basic pool of ways to craft your decks, and play.

    Rush Decks:
    Decks that try and rush you early with cards that are cheap to cast, and alone are not powerful, but through spamming them early, you can either win outright ...

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